Quick tips: Gear storage

As someone looking to improve her fitness, I’ve gathered stuff. Buffs, water bottles, phone holders, etc. As a mom, I have to put these items somewhere safe. I can’t keep things in reach of my kids, or I’ll never find them again. They like shiny, new things — strange items that they don’t see in…

Photo essay: Flowers

During the year, I notice color: the grays on tree bark, yellow in the sunflower, etc. In an attempt to re-establish my blog, here is a look at some flowers I’ve encountered during the year. If you can help me identify some of them, please comment below. More photos of mine can be found on…

Spring in bloom

Things have been busy. I’ll detail it sometime when I get a chance. But for now, the weekly feature, more nature scenes from my runs and walks.           

On the walk: Signs of spring

The flowers are starting to bloom so spring must be on it way. Here are some pictures I was directed to take by Mountain Kid 3 because he liked them.         

On the run: St. Luke

St. Luke on the Lake Episcopal Church started as a Sunday school on Wheeling Island, in West Virginia. It first met in 1869. In 1873, the decision was made to build a frame chapel. The building was completed in 1881. The building has changed a lot since then due to flooding and the ever changing…

Sunny winter days

Here are the photos for this week, sunny winter days.        


When I go for a run, I love to look around and take in the scenery. One of my new favorite places is downtown Wheeling, W.Va.  A lot of the old architecture here has intricate details: flowers hidden in walls, stucco made to look like grape vines. Much of these beauties are  being torn down…

Bridges over the Ohio River

The Ohio River has a rich history. It’s bridges are no exception. These bridges are in West Virginia and show the old, newish and neglected sides of life along the river.                   

Jonas’ snow

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OHIO RIVER — This week’s feature is a look at Winter Storm Jonas. All of these photos were taken with an iPhone 6, during a walk on a Saturday and a run the next day.                          

Weekly feature: Photos!

Today, Blogging 101 asked us to set up a weekly feature. So, I’m going with something I love but haven’t really featured here: Photos.  Photos, like painting or drawing, can tell stories. Some are happy, others not so much.  Each week, I hope to focus on a theme and take pictures throughout the week to…